Honda Redefines Convenience with Miimo Robotic Lawnmowers

Honda's Miimo wins the Red Dot Design Award 2024!

Miimo is an intelligent robotic mower that’s big on cutting performance and perfect for mowing all sizes of lawns. Our robotic mowers take the hassle out of lawn care to ensure your lawn stays in pristine condition throughout the year. 

The new Miimo models feature cutting-edge technology for enhanced performance and intelligent mowing. Their futuristic design, recognized for its sleek aesthetic, allows them to navigate effortlessly through your garden, even in confined spaces. Experience the future of lawn care.

Honda introduces its new Miimo robotic lawnmowers, featuring
significant advancements in navigation, smartphone connectivity, and new sensors.

Honda's latest offerings include: 

HRM1000, HRM1500, HRM1500 Live, HRM2500, HRM2500 Live and the HRM4000 Live as well as the existing HRM40, HRM40 Live and HRM70 Live.


Miimo Features

  • Miimo's Smart Navigation Miimo utilizes shortcut wire and satellite-assisted homing to locate a quicker and more direct path back to its docking station.

  • Security System Every Miimo is equipped with an onboard alarm sound upon lifting, and the Live models include geofence capability.

  • Highly Robust With a weatherproof casing, Miimo's can withstand rain, and the HRM4000 Live is equipped with heavy duty wheels for enhanced durability.

  • Flexible Docking (HRM2500, HRM2500 Live and HRM4000 Live only) Take full control of the placement of your docking station, allowing you to discreetly conceal Miimo when not in use.

  • Easy Cutting Height Adjustment A wide range of cutting heights ranging from 20mm - 60mm, with the HRM4000 Live featuring automatic cutting height adjustment.

  • Easily Tackle Larger Areas Need more than one Miimo? Utilise Multi Miimo or Side-by-Side Installation for mowing larger areas that demand the use of more than one Miimo.

Mii-Monitor App


All new models come with Bluetooth, letting you effortlessly manage Miimo from your phone at home. Live models add remote connectivity for control anytime, anywhere.


Manage your Miimo's working times with the in-app scheduling assistant. Establish a mowing timetable that aligns with your preferences, and the app will track your mowing history and activity.


For Live models, the in-app map allows you to track your Miimo's location and you also have the ability to set up a geofence for security alert protection.


Keeping your Miimo up to date is simple. Just check in the Mii-Monitor app if there's an available update, and you can do it yourself from the comfort of your own home.

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